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November 2013

Turkey Stampede
November 28, 2013
5K Results (updated Nov. 29 @ 11:29 AM EST)
10K Results (updated Nov. 29 @ 10:08 PM EST)

Dirty  Duel
November 16, 2013
Age group results (updated 11/25/2013)


Yankee Springs Off Road Triathlon
Triathlon results
Duathlon results

October 2013

Grand Rapids Zombie Dash
5K results age group
5K overall results by gender

Origami 5K
5K Results

Bloomingdale Cross Country Invite
Varsity Girls Team Results
Varsity Girls Finish List

Varsity Boys Team Results
Varsity Boys Finish List

Middle School Girls Team Results
Middle School Boys Team Results
MS Boys and Girls Finish List

6th Grade Boys and Girls Finish List

Hopeful Heart 5K
5K Results

Fit for Fall 5K
5K Run Results
5K Walk Results

Wedgwood's Hero's on the Run/Walk
5K Results
2.5K Results

Matt Reinke Scot Trot
5K Run Results
5K Walk Results

September 2013

Eat Dirt Chicago
5K Results

NF 5K/10K at Addison Oaks
5K Results
10K Results

Cougar Falcon Invitational at Eagles Nest
MS Girls Finish List
MS Boys Finish list
K-6 Boys and Girls Finish List

Varsity Girls Eagle Finish list
Varsity Girls Eagle Team Results

Varsity Girls Cougar Finish list
Varsity Girls Cougar Team Results

Varsity Girls Falcon Finish list
Varsity Girls Falcon Team Results

Varsity Boys Eagle Finish list
Varsity Boys Eagle Team Results

Varsity Boys Cougar Finish list
Varsity Boys Cougar Team Results

Varsity Boys Falcon Finish list
Varsity Boys Falcon Team Results

JV Girls Finish List
JV Boys Finish List

Freshman Boys and Girls Finish list

Eat Dirt Indy
5K Age Group Results

Kalamazoo Area Foot Chase
Age group results

August 2013

New Buffalo XC Invitational
HS Girls Team Results
HS Girls Overall Results
HS Boys Team Results
HS Boys Overall Results
MS Overall Results
6th Grade Overall Results

Bridgman XC Invitational
MS & 6th grade overall results
HS Girls Team Results
HS Boys Team Results
HS Overall results

Michigan Titanium
Full Results
Half Results
Full Aqua Results
Half Aqua Results

Grand Rapids Mud Run
Age group results

Farmington Run For the Hills

10K Run Results
5K Run Results
1K Results
5K Walk Results
Age graded report
10K Team Results

Kalamazoo Zombie Dash
5K Results

A-Round Green Lake 5K
5K results

Port Oneida 5K
Age Group results
Overall Results

July 2013

Wolverine Sprint Triathlon
Age group results

West Michigan Mudventure
5K Individual Results
5K Team Results

Tri Allegan
Age Group results
Relay results
Chariot results

Tri Del Sol
Kids Short Results
Kids Long Results
Sprint Duathlon
Sprint Triathlon
Olympic Duathlon
Olympic Triathlon

Run for Hope 5K
5K Results Female
5K Results Male

Bridgman 5K

5K Run
5K Walk

Evart 5K
5K Run Results
5K Walk Results

June 2013

State Games of Michigan
5 laps Elite
4 laps Expert & SS Elite/Expert
3 laps Sport, SS Sport/Beginner & Tandem
2 laps Beginner 15+
1 lap Beginner 14 and under

Alex's Duck Duck Run
5K results

5K Results

Grand Rapids Triathlon
Sprint Results
Olympic Results
Half Results

Kalamazoo Mud Run

Solo competitive age group results
Fun Run age group results
Team results

Run 2 Save Our Youth
5K Run Age Group Results
5K Walk Age Results
10K Age Results

May 2013

Big Smiles 5K
Female age group
Male age group

AAA PRC Run For Life
5k results
10k results

Jenison Triathlon
Triathlon Results
Duathlon Results

Troy ASA 5K
Men overall
Women overall
Combined overall

April 2013

Mountaineer Pi 5K

5K results

LMC Steven C. Silcox 5K/10K
5K Run Results
5K Walk Results
10K Run Results

March 2013

Shamrock 5K
Age Group Results
Overall Results


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